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Due to a high demand of authentications for Louis Vuitton belts, I will personally authenticate belts for those who have sent a donation.

Louis Vuitton belt authentications – $10.00 per item (click the Donate button).

Welcome to jeedeesales.wordpress.com where my goal is to provide personal service and assistance for answering your questions about shopping for authentic Louis Vuitton belts online.

Services available are currently answering Louis Vuitton belt authentications.

• Email authentications; checking the validity of a LV belt is $10 (CAD) per item.

• When I have received payment, I will personally contact you via email [as listed on your PayPal account]; requesting the eBay auction of the LV Belt or photos of a belt you want to authentic

When sending photos of the belt, please include the following:
– Receipts
– The box
– The dustbag
– The belt buckle
– Inside color of the belt
– The screws on the back of the belt

*Refunds: Payments will be refunded for:
– Lack of photos
– Lack of accessories with the belt